Reason Behind Attack On Prakash Raj

By - May 05, 2018 - 11:16 AM IST

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These days whenever the topic of the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj comes, it has to do more with his controversial statements which have a strong political ideology than his movies. Since quite sometime Prakash Raj has not been leaving a single opportunity to attack PM Narendra Modi and the BJP government.

However, it appears that he doesn’t like being questioned on few issues. Apparently, the noted producer Madhura Sreedhar has been coming up with few questions to Prakash Raj and it is now revealed the producer has been blocked by Prakash on Twitter. This got many wondering as to why Madhura Sreedhar has been attacking Prakash Raj.

Well, Sreedhar happens to be a hardcore RSS-BJP follower and that’s why he is taking on Prakash Raj. Of course, this is not out of mere fanaticism but with rationale. The way Mahesh Kathi attacked Pawan Kalyan politically, similarly, Madhura did on Prakash. He didn’t get his answers and finally got blocked.