Is 6 Pack Mandatory For Heroes?

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There was a time when the six pack mania was quite strong among the heroes and what started as a trend in Bollywood soon spread to the south and many heroes from different circuits slogged it out to get those chocolate bars over their tummy. Even some of the big names of Tollywood also got into that frenzy.

However, here is the big question. Is six pack mandatory for heroes? Well, the answer is, not at all mandatory. We strongly feel if content is there in the story and performance, coming up with a six pack ab is not required. Of course, just for creating that rush of adrenaline and machismo in one or two scenes they have to work hard for one to one and half year.

Earlier many heroes thought it was required but now it is not so. It is heard that young tiger jr NTR is getting into a six pack mode for his new movie with the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas. Those who heard this are saying for NTR it is not all required because his performance quotient itself is so impact creating that you will not even think of his physique.

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