So What If It Is A Freemake?

By - May 07, 2018 - 04:49 PM IST

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There are many times when we come across few scenes in movies or the movie in total which reminds us it has been copied from somewhere. The industry calls it as ‘Freemakes’ and given the awareness and growing knowledge about world cinema for the Indian cine buffs, there are few filmmakers who try to mix the original plot.

However, the rationalists are putting a question, they are asking what is the problem if it is a Freemake. Of course, they are not recommending a complete lift and shift but they are absolutely okay with the main crux of the story is taken from some foreign movie and it is mixed with the local nativity masala.

They also add that as long as the audience is entertained, the source of content should not be an issue. Apparently, there is a grapevine making rounds that the upcoming release ‘Sammohanam’ is a freemake of the Hollywood flick ‘Notting Hill’. While the makers have denied it, we will know the truth when the film hits the screens.

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