Will Nani Respond To Sri Reddy?

By - May 08, 2018 - 01:16 PM IST

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Just a few days ago the entire Tollywood was discussing only one person and thanks to her bold acts, even the national media got into the scene. Cut to the present, nobody seems that interested anymore while that person is doing her best to come up with sensational posts and statements to shake everyone.

We are talking about Sri Reddy and after the electronic media has sidelined her, she seems to be doing whatever she can to get back onto the hot seat. This time, she came up with a post on Natural Star Nani and alleged on how he tortured a girl for one full day and cursed that he will suffer now that he has a family.

It is clear that Sri Reddy has launched a direct attack on Nani but what many are waiting to see is, will Nani respond or react to it. The intellectuals say the best way to deal with this is stoic silence because all have seen to what extent Sri Reddy can go. Anyhow, it’s now upon Nani to take a call and decide on this matter.

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