Sai Rajesh's Satire On Mahesh Kathi

By - May 10, 2018 - 10:33 AM IST

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Whenever the name of Mahesh Kathi is taken, it has to do with any of his new videos on Youtube or some post he has put on his social media handle. There are many instances wherein Mahesh Kathi has used the ‘caste’ as a reference point and came up with his share of satires and statements. This time, he seems to be on the receiving end.

Apparently, the noted filmmaker Sai Rajesh who is also quite popular in the social media circuit has come up with a post. Those who have read it are reading between the lines and whispering it is a satire on Mahesh Kathi. Well, Sai Rajesh’s post had to do with ‘Mahanati’ and he took out the caste card in that movie.

While his observations are quite valid, Sai Rajesh’s post was filled with more of pun and satire than anything else. Within no time, the smart netizens started guessing why he came up with that post and who he is targeting with that. When satire staries you must retire :P 


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