I Check My Wife's Phone: Ram Charan

By - May 11, 2018 - 02:55 PM IST

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Upasana and Ram Charan are an adorable couple. And, we all know that they both have a perfect balance though they juggle with work and personal life. Upasana is seen posting cute pictures of them together and updates on her Social Media platforms.

For sure, the couple is always in headlines. Here is an interesting update on how Ram Charan and Upasana share their things. In a recent media interaction, Ram Charan was asked about his interaction with online fans.

Ram Charan who is not so active on Social Media says that he isn't active for a reason. "I don't stay active on social media because there is criticism for everything we say there. If you don't react to any particular happening, they say you did not react. And when you react, it is the other way. So, I keep away", Ram Charan explains.

"But, I check the updates on my wife's phone. She's on Instagram and I read the comments and updates from my fans under her posts", Ram Charan says. Isn't it a good thing to stay connected to the fans even without being on social media!?

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