Kaala Means Kabali In Mumbai

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After going through a lot of delays and postponements the much talked about movie ‘Kaala’ is finally preparing to hit the screens and here is an interesting observation. Whenever a movie of Style Samrat Rajnikanth is on the anvil, there is a sense of excitement and thrill factor because Thalaiva rules the box office in a big way.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with ‘Kaala’. Barring the trailer, nothing much has been done in terms of publicity and now, an inside scoop has been coming from Chennai. Some are saying ‘Kaala’ is nothing but ‘Kabali’ in Mumbai. By this, they mean that there is no change in the plot or the story.

What Rajini did in Malaysia, he will do in Mumbai and there is no other difference, as per sources. The fact that the movie is directed by P A Ranjith who helmed ‘Kabali’ adds more credence to it. Well, we have to wait for the film to hit the theatres and only then we can take a call whether it is indeed what we are hearing.

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