NTR's Best Friend Joins YSRCP?

By - May 14, 2018 - 10:43 AM IST

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As the election season approaches, many political parties tend to shift their attention towards the cinema industry because the way cine glamour works among the masses, no other thing works. Taking advantage of that, there are those film personalities who tend to try a hand during elections and wait for their luck.

Now, there are reports that one man from the Telugu Film Industry might be joining the YSRCP. He is none other than collection king Mohan Babu and he is the best friend for the great N T Rama Rao though there is a huge age gap. As such, Mohan Babu has emotional connect with TDP he doesn’t have a working relation with the current TDP folks like Chandrababu.

Also, his son Manchu Vishnu’s wife Viraanica belongs to the YSRCP family and chances are high he will stand for the upcoming collections on behalf of the Sandalwood circuit. If this happens it would be good because Mohan Babu is a very strong orator and he is straightforward in his speech. Let us wait and watch.

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