Reason For "Officer" Postponement

By - May 17, 2018 - 11:13 AM IST

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There are many reasons why a film gets postponed and when that happens it doesn’t really give a positive vibe to the movie. However, there are also times when films have to be postponed due to genuine reasons. But despite this fact, the gossip mills ensure they cook up something to give a negative tone to the whole thing.

From a long time, it was announced that the movie ‘Officer’ featuring King Akkineni Nagarjuna was scheduled to hit the screens on May 25th. However, the latest update is that the film has been postponed by a week and this led to the raising of eyebrows. But before something negative sets in here is the real reason.

It is heard that Nag is out of the station and he is back only on May 21st. If the original date is locked, the promotion will not be sufficient and that is why it got postponed. So, though some gossips are coming about the film not finding takers, it is not true. Nag is pairing up with the Bollywood girl Myra Sareen in this one.

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