Is RGV Inviting Danger?

By - May 18, 2018 - 10:24 AM IST

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Being a film personality gets you a certain position in society and you would be always under public attention and focus. So, it is important for you to think before you speak because it could evoke negative reactions. The eccentric Ram Gopal Varma is an exception because he never cared about what people think or feel.

In a way, it has become his strategy to garner attention and mileage by projecting a radical thought process. While that is okay to an extent, there is a line that cannot be crossed but it appears RGV has crossed it. He has been indulging in unwanted criticism of power star Pawan Kalyan and his fans for trivial reasons.

This time he came up with few statements which literally meant Pawan fans are spineless and they can only give warnings over the phone or in front of media but have no guts to do anything for real. Well, those who heard these statements from RGV are saying he is inviting unwanted danger because this type of provocation is uncalled for.


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