Is Nani A Better Choice Than NTR?

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When two promising stars do a similar thing, comparisons are bound to happen and this gets more when one among them rocked with his act. One of the most sought after show among the small screen circuit of Telugu states is ‘Bigg Boss’ and now the time has come for the second edition to commence in a short while.

As a result, discussions are now happening on one aspect. The first edition had young tiger Junior NTR as the host and this time, it is natural star Nani as the host. Already the teaser for the second edition has come out and Nani has given his natural touch to it. But the real deal comes when Nani has to interact with the participants.

Young tiger is an excellent orator and he has that charisma which hooks you to the screens. On the other hand, his stardom range is extremely high. On the other hand, Nani is more of a face in the crowd but he has an amazing wit and sense of humour which gives him an edge. The first episode of the second edition will decide whether Nani is a better choice or not.


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