Promising Hero In Self-Destruction Mode

By - May 21, 2018 - 10:39 AM IST

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The advantage of coming up with a film in Telugu is that irrespective of its backdrop or language or culture if it has the required entertainment quotient and the right content, the Telugu audience is ready to embrace it. Due to this warmth from them, many heroes from other languages became very popular and we need not say anything about the heroines.

One such person who came in this path was the Kollywood hero Vijay Antony. His movie ‘Bichchagadu’ made him a star overnight and it looked clear that he was attempting something different and substance filled. However, with passing time, Vijay lost his focus and has been attempting all routine commercial stuff.

As a result, none of his movies after ‘Bichchagadu’ worked and this has also brought down the entire interest element on him among the Telugu audience. Vijay’s latest offering ‘Kasi’ has proved that the main reason why he was welcomed here is not being looked at. Time for Vijay to get back to his original creative state or else the doors of Tollywood will be sealed.

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