Pawan Kalyan: The Leader Arrives

By - May 22, 2018 - 07:50 AM IST

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It was nothing less than a heartbreak for thousands of power star fans when they heard that their beloved Pawan Kalyan would quit movies and get into full time politics. And just like any fresher has hiccups at the start, Pawan had his share of bumpy rides as a political leader and the founder of the Jana Sena party.

However, with passing time, Pawan seems to have got a proper grip of how things work and now the real leader in him is emerging. Those who have been observing his body language, his speeches in the ongoing ‘Jana Porata Yatra’ are now declaring Pawan has got into the groove and behaving like a proper leader.

While he has been criticizing all the political parties in a big way, Pawan’s tone of statements has also changed with him seeking that chance to set things right. The elections are going to take place in 2019 and given the momentum Pawan has generated in the last few months, he is certainly going to play a key role in the political arena.

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