Sai Dharam's Hollywood Freemake

By - May 23, 2018 - 07:51 AM IST

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It appears the scripts and stories penned for him are not working out at the box office so Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej seems to have gone for an import albeit in a free way. We are talking about his new movie ‘Teju I Love You’ which is being helmed by the noted Karunakaran. It is known that Karunakaran is a master storyteller of love tales.

When the project was announced there was a lot of excitement among the public because they wanted to experience the love magic onscreen. However, here is an inside news. Those who heard about the plot reveal this has been copied straight from the Hollywood movie ’50 First Dates’ which came way back in 2004.

As such, the plot revolves around the heroine Anupama Parameswaran suffering from memory loss and Sai Dharam who is in love with her is trying to woo her. Now that the idea is out it remains to be seen how engaging and emotionally touching Karunakaran makes it with Telugu nativity. Good luck to Sai Dharam and his team!

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