Sensational:Poonam Kaur Fires On Trivikram

By - May 25, 2018 - 10:03 AM IST

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It was earlier reported that Poonam Kaur had targeted a director with her indirect tweets. Though everyone could guess on whom Poonam is playing this wordplay, she did not mention any names by then. It seems like Poonam is determined to make the director guilty of something.

As per the latest tweets by Poonam Kaur, it has become a clear thing that she is targeting director Trivikram Srinivas with her indirect warnings and philosophies. Well, even earlier Poonam Kaur had took a dig at a 'director'. But, this time she has attacked directly.

“Jalsalu choopistu agnyathavaasam lo esestadu ...Jaggeratha #namakadrohi,” Poonam triggered a sense of doubt as if this tweet was targeted on Pawan Kalyan. But, in her next tweet she made it clear that it was totally meant to target Trivikram Srinivas.

“The director yet extends his support to thru all his 4 families support to this so called NRI heroine ( he has tendendancy to fall for this particular slang for years ) so I did not have a hit ...so did she ??#justasking ...good at quite a few jobs u give #justheard #hypocrisy,” Poonam wrote.

Though it is clear that Poona Kaur has a neck-deep grudge on Trivikram Srinivas, there is no clarity on why and how all these things started. Stay tuned for more movie updates.

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