Trivikram Refutes Rumors & Trashes Actress' Statements

By - May 27, 2018 - 10:17 AM IST

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The aftermath of Agnyathavasi is a difficult phase for a star director like Trivikram Srinivas. Because the movie was an utter flop and he was the only one considered responsible for the debacle.

In a recent conversation with a media person, Trivikram talks about Agnyathavasi and how much impact it has on him as a filmmaker. He was even quizzed about the rumors around him. Here is our 'Guruji's response.

Q. What do you have to say about the rumors being spread on you recently?
A. I am aware of the things happening around. After Jalsa, I was linked up with every actress I worked with. But, I don't want to bring in more negativity and hence chose to ignore. If there is truth in the claims made on me, the issue would have become stronger. As those rumors are false, they got brushed away. (Can we assume this as an answer to the claims of an actress' claims recently?)

Q. How did Agnyathavasi affect you?
A. I am more determined for my upcoming movie. I have seen many debacles in my life. This is one of them.

Trivikram Srinivas was also quizzed about his hand in Pawan Kalyan's speeches. He simply refuted the rumors and told that Pawan Kalyan is a very learned person and doesn't need anyone's help.
"He reads a lot of books. He writes down those things and repeats. I have no interest in politics, how can I help him?" Trivikram said. 



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