Fake Story Of 'Officer' Making Rounds

By - May 30, 2018 - 08:00 PM IST

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It is a natural process to hear some scoops about a movie just before it is getting released. In the recent past, the culture of leaked videos has also picked up. Anyhow, the talk now is about the upcoming release ‘Officer’ featuring King Akkineni Nagarjuna. Well, a grapevine is making rounds that the story has leaked.

Few websites are showing a particular plot as the story and they have also declared that this has been lifted by the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma from the movie ‘Golimaar’. Many have started believing this is true given the fact that RGV has lost his creative juices since quite some time. But here is the refreshing part.

This news has reached the makers of ‘Officer’ and they have made it clear that it is nothing but a baseless gossip. They have clarified it is not at all the story and once everyone watches it in theatres they will be convinced. ‘Officer’ is preparing to hit the screens on June 1st so the release day will decide who is right and who is not.

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