Satire: Hot Heroine For Nat Geo Travel Show

By - May 31, 2018 - 10:00 AM IST

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In case you are one of those avid travelers who wants to go around the globe but are not sure what to visit, you must keep a track on the National Geographic Travel Show which covers some of the most intriguing and unexplored regions of this planet. Now, one heroine is being subjected to some fun albeit in a lighter vein.

She is none other than the sizzling beauty Shriya Saran. As such, the life of a heroine is literally in the suitcase because she has to travel a lot but the way Shriya has been travelling is making many unconscious. Apparently, she was in Spain sometime ago and suddenly she popped up in Chennai to be part of an event.

Before anyone could realize, Shriya reportedly left for Paris with her family and spent some time. While folks thought she would relish Paris, the latest update is that she is in New York. Looking at the way she has been travelling, some are quipping that Shriya can look at a job in National Geographic Travel Show if movies stop coming to her.

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