Will This 'Cause' Serve Gopichand?

By - June 02, 2018 - 08:00 PM IST

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You might have the best of looks, the right acting quotient and good aura for a hero but if luck is not in your favor, you have to go through a very bumpy ride. Aggressive star Gopichand started his career as a villain and eventually became a hero with a reputation for doing macho and intense roles. But his success streak stopped long ago.

After ‘Loukyam’, Gopichand has been scoring only flops and this has delayed his frequency of movies too. Now, after a brief hiatus, Gopichand is all set to arrive with the movie ‘Pantham’ which comes with a tagline ‘For A Cause’. While it is not sure what cause Gopichand is fighting for in the film, his fans are saying this cause should serve their hero.

They are hoping and praying ‘Pantham’ becomes a hit and brings Gopi back into the race. The film is helmed by debutante Chakri and it is preparing to hit the screens on July 5th. Another highlight of the movie is touted to be a very powerful and important role essayed by the senior Bollywood star Mukesh Rishi. Here’s wishing ‘Pantham’ the best of success.

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