Manchu Manoj's Fight In Pub, Reason?

By - June 04, 2018 - 12:42 PM IST

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Hero Manchu Manoj is known for his different movies and energetic performance. Though Manchu Manoj is extremely talented, the past few years seems to be unfavorable to him. With no proper movies and not even a single hit, Manchu Manoj is being idle most of the time.

Manchu Manoj is in the headlines now, for creating a mess at Hyderabad's popular pub. The sources report that hero Manchu Manoj had gone to Fat Pigeon Pub in Jubilee Hills Road no. 45. The party was on and it was 11 in the night, the music was certainly high and Manoj wanted the organizers to decrease the volume.

When the organizers refused to increase the volume of the music, Manoj got furious. He started creating a ruckus and also threw some things to the ground to break them. Police was called immediately and they rushed to the spot. Manoj explained the same to the police and the police dispersed the fight.

As the pub owners had not filed a case against Manchu Manoj, the police had not taken Manoj under custody. It is being heard that Manoj is suffering from some personal issues too.

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