No Sound For Rajinikanth's Film

By - June 05, 2018 - 08:08 AM IST

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You can be rest assured that if you are style samrat Rajinikanth and your film is arriving, the rest of the movies will make way for your release giving you enough scope for running in theatres. That’s the power of Rajini normally. However, the whole scene looks reverse when it comes to his upcoming release ‘Kaala’.

Till now there is no buzz for the movie and day after tomorrow i.e June 7th is the release. Rajini has entered the field and he came for the pre release event in Hyderabad. He also spoke at length and interacted with the media so we have to see if this changes things. As of now, nobody is showing interest to watch the movie.

This is happening because they feel it could be a continuation of ‘Kabali’ and ‘Kabali’ itself flopping has brought down the excitement to watch this one. There are no expectations on this film or the enthusiasm to go to the movie. Many are unable to connect after watching the pre release promos. Let us see what happens on release day but openings will not be as good as Kabali.

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