Father's Emotional Talk Misunderstood

By - June 06, 2018 - 10:00 AM IST

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The true job of a media person is about bringing out the real essence of a statement and gives an analysis which makes a positive impact and difference. Unfortunately, media today is all about sensationalism, temporary attractions and in this process, many statements which come out with a good intent are twisted into something negative.

A classic example for that is the news making rounds in few websites and youtube channels about superstar Krishna and his talk on his son Mahesh Babu. Apparently, the topic of Mahesh’s birthday celebration came up and Superstar Krishna said “We used to celebrate in Madras when he was a kid, now he has become a star.”

Adding to this, producer Sivalenka Prasad said “Now fans are doing.” All this was happening on a lighter vein and few amateur media entities ended up twisting this as superstar Krishna was a bit miffed on his son. Well, it is true that TRPs or views are the need of the hour but that doesn’t mean one can stoop to any extent to get that, grow up folks!

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