No One Can Touch Uday Kiran's Biopic

By - June 07, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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You have been seeing how many biopics have been in the making and in that momentum, one more biopic was announced. However, this one caused quite a flutter among the Telugu Film Industry folks. Well, it was the biopic of the late Uday Kiran which was to be helmed by Teja but was dropped within no time mysteriously.

Now, some of the cine seniors are saying no one can even think of making a biopic on Uday Kiran leave alone touch it. They state that it will be like messing with the powerful mega camp. Apparently, Uday was a big star during his heydays and he was to become the son-in-law of megastar Chiranjeevi but everything turned upside down for reasons unknown.

From then on, Uday’s graph started falling and it came as a shocker when he committed suicide. Given so many twists and turns along with the references of mega family, nobody would dare to touch this and make it as a biopic. Bottomline is, many feel it is an unnecessary adventure with a lot of risk so it is better to stay away from it.  

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