Pawan Kalyan Disturbed, Extends Financial Aid

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We had already reported that two Janasainiks lost their lives in a mishap during Janasena President Pawan Kalyan's visit to Payakaraopeta. Two people wanted to erect a flex of Pawan Kalyan during his visit to Payakaraopeta.

They died of electrocution while installing flex posters of Janasena chief. Two of them were identified as Tolem Nagaraju of age 28 and Bhimvarapu Siva of age 31. Pawan Kalyan who was deeply disturbed by the death of his followers visited the families to extend his condolences.

Pawan Kalyan went to the residence of the victims family in person and consoled them. He promised them financial aid and gave them mental support. Pawan Kalyan appeared very disturbed during the visit to the families. The close ones report that Pawan Kalyan was in tears looking at the small kid who lost his father.

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