Reality Show By Lady Boss Started?

By - June 09, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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The amount of attention one would give to something realistic is always higher than speculation and probability. Given this fundamental, the entertainment industry or the media sector has been coming up with many stints converting even fiction into facts. The ultimate objective is to either gain TRPs or some personal mileage.

With social media becoming a very aggressive tool in creating that buzz, there are those individuals who are exploiting it to the maximum. Top in that list is filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and in the recent times, actress Sri Reddy has been a hot cake. The way she rattled the Telugu Film Industry is known to all.

Lately, she has been targeting Natural Star Nani in a big way and now things are getting a bit personal. Before Nani can host the reality show Bigg Boss, Sri Reddy is starting a reality show of her own. The latest from her is, she has mentioned she would reveal heroes involved in drug mafia. She has put this post in her Facebook account and many feel this is just another attention seeking program she is doing.


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