Sunil Lost Four Out Of Six

By - June 09, 2018 - 01:12 PM IST

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When he started his career, actor Sunil made his mark for his superb sense of comedy and the timing which made him the right successor for Hasya Chakravarthi Brahmanandam. However, Sunil had other plans and he went on to become a hero. Few blunders in his image perception led to his downfall as a hero.

But during that process, Sunil focused strongly on his physique and he got into a hardcore six pack mode. He maintained it for quite a long time but now that wisdom has prevailed, he has begun getting into regular mode. He just has 2 packs out of the six pack and is coming back to the normal look.

It is not just his personality but also his choice of films which are now changing and soon Sunil would be seen with comedy star Allari Naresh in the new movie ‘Silly Fellows’. Fans of Sunil are quite happy with his decision because his flair for humour and his aura is coming back. Get set for the normal Sunil folks!

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