RGV's Character In Biopic 'Sanju'

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You may discard him, you may abuse him, you may curse him or you may simply loathe him but then you can never get rid of him. He is the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma who for some mysterious reason has the power to be in spotlight and limelight at the same time. While the graph is falling alarmingly, here is an update.

A flood of biopics are currently happening across various industries and in Bollywood, the much talked about is ‘Sanju’ which is based on the life of deadly Sanjay Dutt. The trailer has already floored the cine buffs and they are eagerly waiting for the film’s release. Now, a gossip is making rounds about RGV in the film.

Well, grapevine is that there is a small role of RGV in this movie and it is going to be one cameo shot which is going to be funny. As such, some other artist has done the role but it would be catchy. As such, RGV and Sanju Baba worked for movies like ‘Daud’ ‘Department’ and they may also collaborate in the future. Let us wait to see if this gossip is true or not.

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