Bigg Boss Viewers Not Missing Sri Reddy

By - June 13, 2018 - 10:00 AM IST

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Just few weeks ago there was a hot discussion happening among many home audience regarding the participants of the reality show Bigg Boss. In that, many were super confident that Sri Reddy would certainly be part of the show given the way she has rattled the entire Telugu Film Industry and abused all possible big names.

But then, much to everyone’s surprise and shock Sri Reddy’s name was nowhere to be found and the show has already begun. In the interim, there was also a grapevine that Sri Reddy was unable to digest this and vented out her anger in a different manner. Anyways, news is that Sanjana has come in her place.

She is showing the same rebel type attitude which Sri Reddy has been showing at all possible places. Given that, the Bigg Boss viewers are quite satisfied with the list of participants and though they expected Sri Reddy to be around, they are not really missing her. That’s certainly another setback for this controversial actress.

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