Litmus Test For Big Director's Daughter

By - June 15, 2018 - 09:17 AM IST

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Coming in as a new face with no background or backing has its share of struggles but once you are able to find your feet, the journey gets easy. Most importantly, you are in a position to handle the expectations. However, that is not the case when you are a celebrity kid. Your arrival is anticipated with a fair share of expectations already.

Kalyani Priyadarshan was not known to many till she made her debut with the movie ‘Hello’ alongside Akkineni prince Akhil. She happens to be the daughter of the famous director Priyadarshan and through her debut flick, she managed to get good points. However, the real litmus test is going to take her now.

Reports reveal Kalyani has been roped in for a new movie opposite Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej and this is titled as ‘Chitralahari-Bar And Restaurant’. As such, Sai Dharam has been going through a very bumpy ride so if Kalyani can raise the graph through her presence it would be great. If the film doesn’t work, it would put her career in a bit of a fix though

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