Dirty Picture @ Telugu Associations In USA

By - June 16, 2018 - 01:30 PM IST

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If you remember the Bollywood flick ‘The Dirty Picture’ it gave a rather realistic feel of the environment actresses work in and since then, whenever a controversy related to sexual acts pops up, people call it the Dirty Picture. Now, the same has happened in the USA. It is already known that the US police department filed a case alleging prostitution is happening in the form of Telugu Film actresses and their visits for cultural events.

Due to this episode, the actresses who are going to Telugu association event are also falling under image issue due to the bad news. It has become a headache for the entire actress fraternity as a whole. As it is, girls coming to cinema industry are being seen with suspicion and skepticism and now girls going abroad to be part of shows are in trouble.

They are going to get bad image due to the cheap acts of few people. Some are also opining it is better the authorities reveal the names of the actresses involved so that the rest can breathe free or else all are being seen with the same suspicion. All in all, this dirty picture is not good for Telugu Industry.

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