Anasuya in Angry Mode

By - June 17, 2018 - 12:33 PM IST

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Anasuya- Hot and happening anchor & actress of the Telugu film industry is known for expressing her views openly without any inhibitions. This straightforward nature of her made a victim of trolling across the social media in many occasions.

Recently she stayed away from social media for quite a while by facing some serious trolling from the netizens in a “cell phone breaking” issue. However, she came back to social media post Rangasthalam release and her performance as Rangamaththa turned out as the talk of the town.

Well, she once again got into trouble for expressing her views frankly and this made some of the netizens started mentioning Anasuya in a most disrespectful manner across the social media.
At this juncture, she posted her view on this whole issue-

As much as I want to keep myself away from unnecessary issues I am being mentioned in the most disrespectful manners by few social media handles on all possible platforms.. it takes a lot to make the identity one wants..if you an’t encourage atleast..(1/2)

(2/2) DO NOT take the liberty in image damaging.. If I have any opinion on any issue I am right here to express..as long as I personally dont..then who ever says anything..it is them saying.. not me..

On the whole, celebrities have been facing a tough time in social media due to the evil thing called troll.

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