Chiru Becoming Lucky Sentiment?

By - June 19, 2018 - 01:23 PM IST

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You never know when something or someone may strike upon you as the lucky mascot for success and once that belief becomes strong, it becomes a sentiment. Stuff like this happens a lot in the cinema industry and the Telugu Film Circuit is quite ahead in this aspect. Now, it appears megastar Chiranjeevi might get flooded with requests.

Apparently, Chiru was the first person to kickstart the promotions of the movie ‘Sammohanam’ and right now the film has got a superhit talk. The month of June is not that favorable for movies and one would expect a dry run. Despite the odds, ‘Sammohanam’ is garnering a lot of attention from all genres of audience and the team is overwhelmed.

They are thanking Chiru wholeheartedly for putting his hand and in a way it is conveying he is a lucky sentiment of sorts. Well, if this belief becomes strong, the day is not far when Chiru would be flocked with requests from various film teams to kickstart their promotions. As long as success comes, sentiments will always be upheld.

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