Pawan Kalyan's Guru Makes A Revelation

By - June 20, 2018 - 03:45 PM IST

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All you see is the big stars and their aura but what you need to know is behind them, there are those people who are the actual driving forces. They mentor these stars and make them what they are. The name Satyanand may not be that familiar among the common people but if you are part of the cinema industry, you can never forget him.

He happens to be the acting Guru who has trained several heroes and almost all the kids of the big stars have been his students. Recently, Satyanand master was part of the event for the movie ‘Tej I Love You’ when he revealed an interesting thing. Apparently, he said that power star Pawan Kalyan was his first student in acting.

He added that Pawan’s success was the main reason why he became a star and got noted in the cinema industry. Apparently, Satyanand master has trained a total of 177 artistes and that includes the mega family members too. On the other hand, though Pawan is far away from cinema, his reference is still taken by big people.

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