Biggest Flaw In 'Bigg Boss 2'

By - June 21, 2018 - 11:23 AM IST

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One of the most anticipated and sought after reality shows in the Indian small screen circuit is ‘Bigg Boss’ and after the stupendous success in the Hindi version, it spread to the regional circuit and today Telugu and Tamil also have their respective versions. Right now, the talk is about the second edition in Telugu.

While the host Natural Star Nani is doing what best he can it is evident that the house is failing to evoke much interest. The analysts say the biggest flaw in this happens to be the participants. Firstly, majority of them are hardly known faces and secondly they do not really have that aggression to create some hungama.

Not even a tier two actor or actress is there in the house which is making it even more weak and unattractive. So, before the TRPs drop further, the makers should immediately get into action and arrange for some well known celebrity entries through wild card. If this trend continues, the second edition would be declared a flop.

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