Suresh Babu's Class To Media

By - June 22, 2018 - 11:00 AM IST

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The ideal role of media is to bring the truth to the common man and ensure justice, harmony is served through its impact. This would also ensure the society remains in a positive mode and faith is enhanced between each other because media is an extremely powerful tool which tends to influence the minds of many.

However, there are those media entities who believe in sensationalism and TRPs, it is more of a business sans morality and ethics. The razor sharp Suresh Babu gave a piece of his mind to them recently. Responding to the Sri Reddy-Abhiram issue and the Chicago sex racket, Suresh Babu mentioned the first is his personal issue and he will resolve it.

As for the latter issue, he indicated strongly that instead of finding out the truth and verifying, conclusions were made. He stated how media fraternity is not actually trying to resolve the problem. Every word of what Suresh Babu makes sense and for sometime if folks can stop judging him and focus on what he said, a lot of good can happen.

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