Poonam Kaur 's fire.. Who is her target?

By - June 23, 2018 - 03:55 PM IST

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We had earlier reported that Poonam Kaur Lal who is a rumored ex-girlfriend of Pawan Kalyan had slammed a popular director. Poonam Kaur has been indirectly targeting Pawan Kalyan and his best friend Trivikram Srinivas. Her sly tweets which relate to them appear every now and then. Here comes the latest rants from Poonam Kaur.

In a recent social media post, Poonam Kaur had tweeted, "Why are mostly Indian woman subjected to sacrifice??? We consider them Devi to talk in front of people ... but how do we really treat them like ??". While the post itself carries an ambiguous meaning, it is still unclear whom she is taking a dig at. Poonam Kaur seems to be on fire every now ang then and she keeps it obvious with her posts.

On reacting to the above tweet, one of the tweeps asked her what her problem is. A prompt answer came up, though the context and the meaning are confusing.

"Bharat Desham lo puttina ammailu ni enduku Antha chulakana ga chustaru chala Mandi ani ???? Dharmam Peru meeda adharmam enduku ...", is what she replied. Who is she targeting is still not known.


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