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By - June 23, 2018 - 10:25 AM IST

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Once you fall into the rat race of career you need to be sure you always plan ahead and keep your focus on the next level. The same applies for actresses. Once they enter they must aim for becoming a lead heroine and eventually a star heroine. As such, the line ends there but there are those times when few beauties decide to take it a step further.

The seductive beauty Shruti Haasan has been in the top league for quite a while before disappearing with few flops. While a lot of grapevine is making rounds about her personal life, it appears Shruti has decided to get into the next level. Reports from Mumbai reveal Shruti is now donning the role of a producer.

She is going to come up with a movie named ‘The Mosquito Philosophy’ and this is being helmed by a talented man named Jayprakash Radhakrishnan who shot to fame in the short film festival circuit with his multiple award winning short film ‘Lens’. Sharing her thoughts, Shruti reportedly mentioned she is quite happy with this association and would produce the film under her banner Isidro Media’. Best of success for this Shruti!

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