Legal Shock To Anushka

By - June 24, 2018 - 12:25 PM IST

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Actress Anushka Sharma along with her husband Indian Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli have been served a legal notice from a man named Arhan Singh for defaming his image on social media.

As per the latest updates, Arhan Singh got offended by the video of him where schooled by Anushka Sharma on littering the garbage on road from his car. This video was posted by Virat Kohli on his Twitter account and it made Arhan knock the doors of the judiciary for defaming his image.

Actually, this particular video got viral as it came from Virat’s account and it led to the disappointment of Arhan Singh. However, some people found a mistake in Virat showcasing his wife’s over-enthusiastic behaviour by defaming a person.

After sending the legal notices to Mr & Mrs Kohli, he confirmed this latest happening to media and said now everything is in the hands of the law.  Now, this whole episode turns interesting as Arhan Singh gave back his reply in the form of legal notices and also by posting his picture with Shah Rukh Khan.

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