Kerchiefs On New Actress Harshini

By - June 25, 2018 - 05:00 AM IST

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All it takes is one fine performance and the ability to capture the audience attention to shape your career in the cinema industry. And once that happens you will be in a zone wherein you would be flooded with offers and you have to be wise and smart in picking the right projects so that your career is sustained for a longer time.

Currently, one girl seems to have grabbed the attention of the Filmnagar folks. Her name is Harshini and she was seen in the movie ‘Sammohanam’ as the sister of hero Sudheer Babu. Apparently, Harshini’s natural performance and her chirpy looks have made her the talk of the tinsel town and she is now getting a lot of offers.

While this is indeed a good breakthrough for Harshini, here is some word of advice from the seniors. They say that this is the point where Harshini should stay grounded and go for quality than quantity. This is one phase where many actresses were able to reach but majority of them flunked due to wrong decisions and attitude issues. Good luck Harshini!

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