Kaushal's Wife Controversial Post

By - June 26, 2018 - 09:05 AM IST

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Gone are the days when you had to really prove yourself with consistent success to attain the celebrity status. These days, all you need is just one incident or issue and you can become a celebrity overnight. Right now, one man is going through that phase. He is none other than Kaushal Manda, the noted TV artist who is also part of ‘Bigg Boss 2’.

Last weekend, Kaushal was in the hit list for getting eliminated but a sudden wave of sympathy flooded his account and he bailed out into the safe zone in the last minute. Nutan Naidu was shown the exit door. Meanwhile, a lot of soft corner is building for Kaushal after his experience while doing a task and the allegations put on him by other inmates.

The last nail in the coffin came when Kaushal’s wife Neelima came up with a post on social media defending her hubby in every aspect and coming up with teary eyed statements. All in all, some major emotional melodrama is happening right now which has given Kaushal a strong and sudden popularity. Let us see how long this lasts.

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