'Idam Jagath': Concept Leaked

By - June 26, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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Just recently we reported on how the soft spoken hero Sumanth is attempting something new with his new movie ‘Idam Jagath’ and he has got the ‘Premam’ girl Anju Kurian as his leading lady. Now, the focus has shifted towards the storyline and after some snooping, the concept got leaked and is making rounds.

According to this, the story revolves around the point that no matter how many people die due to unnatural reasons like murder, accident or suicide, there are those who simply believe in taking videos of the victims and survive. This looks like something very new and to some extent, a little bit spine chilling.

However, those who heard this are saying the poster looks otherwise and is sending a different message. Well, they state that Sumanth looks like a journalist in the film so not sure how true this concept is. Perhaps the coming wave of pre release promotion material will throw some light on this and resolve the suspense.

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