Shekhar Kammula's Police Case Against Fake Assistant

By - June 27, 2018 - 02:08 PM IST

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Director Sekhar Kammula had filed a police case against a person who has faked being his assistant. The Fidaa filmmaker has filed a police case against a person who cheated tens of people in the mask of being his assistant.

The Central Crime Station (CCS) police have taken up the cheating case filed against a cheater (fake assistant) for impersonating film director Sekhar Kammula online. As per the police reports a man had given an advertisement on a website stating Tollywood director of Happy days and Leader fame Sekhar Kammula is on a talent hunt.

The cheater seems to have collected registration fees from people for the casting call. Shekhar Kammula was shocked on hearing this and lodged a complaint that he had not given any advertisements or announcements regarding. Shekhar along with victims filed the complaint at cyber crime department. The investigation has been started under the cheating case.

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