Anushka Is Not Accepting Any Offers

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Star heroine, who is one of the most loved actresses in Telugu is Anushka Shetty. She is even called as the lady superstar in Telugu. Anushka who is also called Sweety has got a stardom equal to the star heroes.

Anushka Shetty who had done lady-oriented movies like Arundhathi and Bhaagamathie has got a very big fan base. She even appeared in the magnum opus Baahubali, and enthralled everyone with her skills and acting.

After a long gap, Anushka had appeared in Bhaagamathie. It seems like Anushka has become choosy after getting such stardom. We all know that Sweety had gained a little weight for the movie Size Zero. It has become difficult for her to shed off those extra kilos and this might be one of the reasons Anushka is not ready for too many offers right now. There are reports that Anushka has been rejecting the offers lately. Though the reasons are uncertain, Anushka is definitely avoiding public meetings and media appearances unlike earlier. Some media folks believe Anushka wants to act in content-driven movies only, which might be the reason she is on the rejecting spree. Well, we just hope Anushka is back with more movies.

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