Most Wanted Director Right Now

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You can either be a fresher or someone who has been part of the industry since long but your stroke to fame and demand comes when you are able to churn out a hit that strikes a chord not just with the industry folks but also with the audience. For a long time, Indraganti Mohana Krishna has been part of the Telugu Film Industry.

Some of his movies in the past have also created that goodwill and following for him but right now he has become the most wanted director for everyone. Apparently, Indraganti came with the movie ‘Sammohanam’ recently and it has turned out to be a very big hit. The way he has carried the film has made everyone emotional and they got strongly connected.

Now, there are reports that Indraganti is getting flooded with many offers not just from tier two heroes but even from the big stars. However, our man has been sensible not to jump and grab the offer but wait till the actual script is locked. It is heard that he is yet to prepare something that can match the image of a big star so let us wait and watch who gets him.

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