Why This Much Reaction From Poonam Kaur?

By - June 30, 2018 - 09:56 AM IST

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Actress Poonam Kaur seems to be unstoppable. We had already reported that Poonam Kapoor has been targeting a director indirectly. It seems that her Poonam Kaur has been upset on something so bad that it had turned out to be more than just a rant. Poonam Kapoor blasted on a website for writing against her recently.

Poonam claims that the director has been managing to defame her by making his media people write stuff against her. She mentioned that people need to stop glorifying the director by using a woman's name. In a series of tweets, she also told the director is surviving on NRI funds even without talent. Check out Poonam Kaur's tweets.

Poonam Kaur who claims that the director is behind the media people who are scripting things against her has stated that she is not the one who is going to tolerate such things. "I will not let him write him script of my life ... let him lick some ministers n actors foot .... he has written very great article about me spread it in a community before hearing my interview ... I held on to my dignity ... stop encouraging Harvey Weinsteins n their whoever", Poonam wrote.

Poonam Kaur has a suggestion for the fans of the director. "U fans need to know he the main reason for some ones agnyathavaasam .... don't even try this with me mr.director .... suck onto your NRIs who give u great jobs n have zero talent", Poonam wrote.

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