Allari Naresh @ Big Risk

By - July 03, 2018 - 09:59 AM IST

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After tasting success and attaining stardom even one failure can break your heart and you start losing your vision and focus. It is during this phase that you start making few incorrect calculations and moves. Those who are sensible tend to retreat in silence and wait for the right opportunity to bounce back with a bang.

For a long time, Allari Naresh was ruling the roost and he was called the apt successor to Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad because he was the only comedy star who had a strong command at the box office. However, Allari Naresh ended up with a string of flops in recent times and many pointed out his choice of scripts was extremely wrong.

Now, reports are arriving that Allari Naresh’s next happens to be a complete action thriller laced with a lot of suspense elements. Given his image and impression among the audience, it is very hard to place Allari Naresh in such backdrop. While sources close to him say Allari Naresh wants to prove he can do different stuff, many others feel this is a gamble he will lose. Hoping for the best!

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