War Of Words Between Tejaswi and Nandini

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Bigg Boss show's 23rd day was quite dramatic. Starting off with the revelation of the secret task by Tanish and Amit, the episode took twists and turns. A heated argument between Tejaswi and Nandini changed the whole atmosphere.

Tejaswi Madiwada has not stopped stressing over the gossips against her yet. Though she had cleared off on the rumors about her relationship with Samrat, Tejaswi has not calmed down yet. Meanwhile, Deepti Sunaina and Geeta Madhuri believe that this is a part of Tejaswi's gameplan. During a heated conversation, Nandini and Tejaswi are seen having a quarrel.

Both the contestants yell at each other and Nandini walks away in anger. Nandini starts sobbing and her friends try to console her. Nandini thinks Tejaswi is jealous of her and hence is doing all kinds of things to hurt her. Nandini walks to Bhanu and tries to break the ice. Nandini apologizes to Bhanu. Bigg Boss then gives a 'Love task' to the members of the house.

The episode gets all romantic with the pairs trying to reach out to one another and the wardens trying to avoid the interaction between the pairs.

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