Furious Naga Babu Demands For An Action

By - July 05, 2018 - 09:23 AM IST

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Mega brother Naga Babu took to his social media to slam Kathi Mahesh. It is a known fact that Kathi Mahesh has been arrested for passing derogatory comments on Lord Rama. In reaction to Kathi Mahesh's uninvited comments, Naga Babu has come up with an aggressive post via his Facebook.

It is an open secret that Kathi Mahesh has been targeting the mega family. He even pulls petty fights with Pawan Kalyan's fans every now and then by passing derogatory comments on him. In this frame of context, Naga Babu has reacted on the latest comments Kathi Mahesh has made on Lord Rama.

"We are brought up being taught that Rama is an outstanding person, with all good qualities. To hurt our sentiments have become this easy? Do not spare the people who target Hindus and their sentiments", told Naga Babu aggressively.

Naga Babu also questioned why the politicians are being calm on this issue. He demanded Chief Minister’s Chandrababu Naidu and KCR to take a serious action against Kathi Mahesh or any individual who target to hurt the sentiments of Hindus or any other religion.

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