Kathi Mahesh Attacks Naga Babu

By - July 06, 2018 - 03:48 PM IST

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Pesarattu movie director Kathi Mahesh was arrested recently for demeaning the Hindu religion. Kathi Mahesh made derogatory comments on Lord Rama, the Hindu God on a live show. During a live debate, Kathi Mahesh opined that Lord Rama was a cheater, and Sita would have been happier with Ravanasura than with Rama.

These comments have hurt the religious feelings of many, and hence he was arrested by the Hyderabad police. After warning him not to do such comments, Kathi Mahesh seems to be regardless. In reaction to Kathi Mahesh's comments on Rama, mega brother Naga Babu had posted a video asking not to spare such people who demean out religion and culture.

Kathi Mahesh has given a counter to Naga Babu. In a live video, Kathi Mahesh warned Naga Babu to mind his own business, or else he would repent. "You people are in dark, you don't even understand what I wanted to convey. So, shut up!", Kathi Mahesh said.

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