Nobody Bothering About Sri Reddy?

By - July 16, 2018 - 12:32 PM IST

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Just about a month or two ago, the only name which was being discussed everywhere was Sri Reddy. The way she had attacked the Telugu Film Industry and showered them with allegations and accusations regarding casting couch rattled quite a few. While she strongly stressed that she is doing it for the good of other girls, her actions indicated otherwise.

Cut to the present, nobody seems to be bothered about Sri Reddy anymore. Everyday she is coming up with posts on her Facebook account and it has become a customary habit of sorts for her to keep firing on everyone. Lately, she has been blasting the Tamil industry folks in a big way and the list comprises of folks like muscular stud Vishal, the genius director A R Murugadoss.

However, not one reaction is coming from Tamil Nadu and it appears Sri Reddy was keen to make her presence felt in the Tamil media but nothing is working. No TV channel or YouTube channel is approaching her now and some say even they all are vexed with her allegations without concrete evidences. It has become more like an overdose.

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